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Our Gatherings

We are a bit different from your traditional church in that we don't have a building.  Instead, we meet from house to house on a weekly basis.  We would love for you to join us for worship, but you will have to check this web site or contact us to see where we are meeting on a given date.  You may either:

E-mail Timothy King  at restorationgj@yahoo.com.

Call Timothy at 970-243-7620 or at 970-216-9202.

Our times together on Sundays are pretty informal.  You may wear a suit and tie, but you will probably look out of place.  We gather around 10 a.m. and, when the time seems right, we settle down to worship.  We join together in singing, sharing and time in the word.  The messages are "interactive," meaning questions and discussion are welcomed at any time during the study.

After our worship, we gather for a fellowship meal -- "pot-luck" style -- and just enjoy one another's company.  After the meal, we might gather to discuss anything that comes up.  This could be a topic of biblical study, of doctrine or maybe a trial or difficulty someone is going through about which that someone may need prayer or counsel.  Afterward, folks stay and talk as long as they like, leaving as they want.

Our mid-week Bible studies are also informal and interactive.  We do not aim to "get through" any particular book or subject, but to spend as much time as we need to understand what God is trying to tell us through His word.  Click on "Body Life" for articles to understand more about our philosophy of church gatherings.

Just click here for Mapquest.  We have provided the address and zip code of our meeting places above.  Type those in the appropriate spaces and get directions and a map!