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Body Life

The articles and meditations in this link are devoted to exploring the issue of "body life" or life in the assembly of believers.  This, we believe, deserves its own link since it seems to be a much-ignored subject these days.  If you have any comments (even disagreements) please feel free to e-mail them to Timothy King.

Valori Farrell

Just God and Me? Some thought-provoking ideas on God's plan for His body.  Was God's plan an individualistic relationship with Him, or something else?

Sam Frost

Can Different Eschatologies Get Along?  This is an excerpt from Sam Frost's studies on the Parable of the Weeds Among the Wheat.  Can Christians differ in the coming of Christ and still get along?

Alan Jamieson

A Churchless Faith The author interviews 108 people who had left the institutional church.  Here are the results of his findings and his own analysis.  This article is from "Reality Magazine."

Timothy King

Godís Love as Our Supreme Standard  What's the difference between someone who says they love their Christian brothers and one who really does?  We must look to God's love for us to define how we are to love one another.

On Glory and Unity These are some thoughts on the connection between glory and unity, themes found in Jesus' priestly prayer of John 17.  The notes are from our weekly Restoration Ministry gatherings.

Paul, Barnabas and the Unity of Believers  The "split" between Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15:36-41 has always been portrayed as hostile.  But if we examine the text more closely, does the conflict have to be one of strife?

Jon Zens

Are We Eating with the Right People?   Jon exhorts us to break out of our churchy shells and seek out those who may challenge our sense of propriety.

A Plea for a Berean Spirit  What blocks the church from having a deeper understanding of God's word?  Perhaps it's an attitude that would rather cling to traditions than examine God's word together.

Building Up the Body: One Man or One Another?  Is the body of Christ meant to grow spiritually by the ministry of one professional (or staff), or is ot to be built up by each member?

Churches Seeking Truth as Communities of Faith  Rather than churches using truth to attack one another, we need a paradigm where churches see truth as their common goal and will work together to understand God's truth.

The Clergy/Laity Distinction: A Help or Hindrance to the Body of Christ?  Is the body of Christ best served by a "professional" clergy leading and teaching the people?  Jon encourages us to think of a different paradigm.

Comments on "A Churchless Faith"  Jon reflects on an article commenting on the vast droves of people leaving the institutional church.  Leaving the institutional church means nothing if it's not replaced by genuine "ekklesia" life.

Compassionate Discipleship  In the midst of a world frustrated and at its wit's end, what is a quality needed by the church today that could bring light in darkness?  We need a revival of spiritual compassion.

Double Deliverance Under the New Covenant  Delivered from sin by Christ?  Yes, but we too often stop there and not realize that we are also delivered from the "elements of the world" so that we are free to serve one another.

Each According to His Own Abilities  Subtitled "Principles of New Covenant Giving."  Jon examines the concept of giving and tithing under the New Covenant.

Encouragements to Practice Christian Love  The full title is "Several Propositions Set Forth as Encouragements to Practice Christian Love in Local Churches"  Simple but needful reminders for every church.

Let's Grow Up . . . Together!  What hinders Christians from growing up into maturity in Christ?  There are a number of factors to be considered before the church will quit "acting like children."

Letter To A Church Leader  In modern church life, do we cling to church traditions or obey God's word?  This letter challenges some of our commonly accepted church practices such as the pastor, the sermon and the church building.

A Look at Women in the History of Redemption  Has the modern church been ignoring half the priesthood?  Jon examines the Scripture on the suject of women in the New Covenant.

Sticking it Out with Fellow Disciples  If the church is not bonded together in the gospel in an accepting atmosphere where doctrine and practice can be worked out in humility as a body, we won't get anywhere!

When Has Authority Gone Too Far?  When does a church and its leadership slide from having godly, biblical leadership to becoming an authoritarian cult?  

Where Does God Exalt the Office of "Preacher"?  Is there biblical warrant for setting one man or ministry above the rest?  Or has this practice been more detrimental to the body of Christ?

Will Diversity Confuse the Sheep?  Can a church survive if members are allowed to question the doctrinal status quo and present a diversity of ideas beyond what is traditionally accepted?

The Worthy Walk: Individualistic or Corporate?  America is the home of "rugged individualism."  But is that the way it should be in the church?  We need a view that honors our uniqueness while saying, "We need each other!"