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The articles on this link are by a variety of brothers and sisters across the wide spectrum of our faith.  They are meant to edify, challenge, encourage -- maybe even offend -- and, above all, point your eyes to Christ.  If you have any comments (even disagreement) please feel free to e-mail them to Timothy King

Dwight Burgess

Forcing Fulfillment of Prophecies Dwight responds with some excellent insights to Timothy Kings comments on "Questions About Israel."

Trevor Chandler

Modern Israel in Prophecy    Mr. Chandler looks at the relationship between biblical Israel and the modern state of Israel.

Dan Delagrave

At All Silly Costs: How Dispensationalists Confuse "This Generation" Dan examines the dispensationalist interpretation of "this generation" in Matthew 24:34.

Destroying the Gap Doctrine Dan offers a brief editorial on the gap that dipensationalists place between the 69th and 70th week of Daniel.

Let the Chips Fall Where They May  Dan says when we interpret scripture with scripture, we come across some things that challenge beloved doctrines.

The Last Days  Dan examines the biblical concept of "the last days."  Have the "last days" been going on for 2000 years?

The Times of the Gentiles   What does the Bible mean by the "Times of the Gentiles?"  Dan looks at this in its biblical and historical contexts.

The  Wrath . . . to Come?   Dan examines the biblical statements concerning "the wrath to come;" are we still looking for that wrath, or has it already taken place?

Gary DeMar

How Many Temples Are Too Many?  Much of modern end times teachings is looking forward to another Jewish temple being rebuilt in Israel.  However, we must ask: "Does the Bible itself teach such a rebuilding?"

Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Current Events  Most modern books on prophecy rely less on understanding the Scriptures than on current headlines.  Is this right or does it lead folks astray?

The (After the Slaughter) Remnant  Many ministries are helping Jews to immigrate to Israel fueled by modern end-times theology.   The fervor is popularized by the best-selling works of Tim Lahaye and Hal Lindsey.  But if we examine these popular views, are we really doing our Jewish friends a favor?

Valori Farrell

Just God and Me? Some thought-provoking ideas on God's plan for His body.  Was God's plan an individualistic relationship with Him, or something else?

The New Jerusalem What is the "New Jerusalem" as described in the book of Revelation?  Is it something we are still waiting for, or is it a present reality to be enjoyed by all true believers?

Samuel Frost

Studies in Preterism (Part One)  How does this radical view of the end times stack up to the more "orthodox" millennial views?  Sam compares Ezekiel's and John's respective visions of the temple.

Studies in Preterism (Part Two)   Sam looks in greater detail about the implications of fulfilled eschatology, particularly as it regards the gospel of redemption.

Chris Humphrey

God? Bless? America?  The tragedy of 9/11 brought a flurry of patriotism, much of it directed at appeals that "God Bless America."  As inspiring as this was, could we say that heaven was pleased with this display?

Timothy King
Answering "The 'Preterist' Heresy" The "Sword of the Spirit Apologetics" newsletter came out with an article entitled "The 'Preterist' Heresy." This series will answer the charges in that article.

The Frontier Diaries  These are miscellaneous ramblings on life outside of the institutional structure of church.  It's a new experience and I hope you enjoy the ride with us through these writings.

The Gift of Prophecy in the Church Today  Do we have to settle on one of two views on the gift of prophecy: cessationism or charismania?  Let's examine this gift in its New Covenant setting.

God's Heroes in the Church  We witnessed tremendous heroism in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  We need such heroism in the modern church, but what is the nature of such heavenly heroes?

Hinn-diana Jones and the Temple to Come  Benny Hinn and a host of evangelicals are in support of a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.  Can this be good for the cause of the gospel?

A Humble People and a Holy God  What does it really mean to "humble ourselves" before God?  It is not something that we can take lightly, nor is it something easy on us.

On Glory and Unity These are some thoughts on the connection between glory and unity, themes found in Jesus' priestly prayer of John 17.

Paul, Barnabas and the Unity of Believers  The "split" between Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15:36-41 has always been portrayed as hostile.  But if we examine the text more closely, does the conflict have to be one of strife?

Pierced to the Heart  Here are some reflections on Peter's Pentecost sermon and why it affected his hearers the way it did. What caused them to be "pierced to the heart?"

Reviving Jeroboam’s Religion, Part One  We live in an age where there is a whole host of "successful" ministries and ministers in the land.  But, are they all genuine works of God or could they be a revival of Old Testament idolatry?

Reviving Jeroboam’s Religion, Part Two  Further reflections on the nature of true ministers of the gospel and those that may be pandering a "Christianized" form of idoloatry.

Questions About Israel Tim makes his contribution to the Preterist Symposium on the question of modern Israel and it's significance in biblical history and modern politics.

What If Revival Does Not Come?  Who doesn't hunger after a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit?  But what does a person do if that visitation of God is not forthcoming?

Why Preterism is Gaining a Following Just a few thoughts on why, I think, that fulfilled eschatology is gaining so much popularity today.  I hope this is some exhortation for some futurist brethren.

Don K. Preston

Time's Almost Up! We have witnessed a whole host of modern date-setters predicting the end.  Are they right?  They haven't been so far.  Don examines this trend with insights from the Scriptures.

Greg Rasaka

A New Doctrine?  The charge has been made against preterism that the writings of the early church are silent regarding preterism.  Greg quotes from some of these early sources who sound quite preterist.

The Doctrine of Satan Greg takes us back to the Scriptures to examine its teachings on Satan and the devil.  His findings may rock your canoe!

Figurative Language Greg looks at principles of bibical interpretation focusing on understanding some of the Scriptural language as figurative, not literal.

Heaven and Earth  Are we to always understand the Bible's use of "heaven and earth" as literal, or do the Scriptures sometimes use this phrase in reference to something else?

The Spiritual Nature of God  How far are we to take the idea of the "physical" as it applies to God and His kingdom?  Here are some insights into this question.

John Royal

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival: A Case Study in the Rise and Fall of Christian Celebrities A look at Evan Roberts, the chief figure in the Welsh revival of 1904-05.  Was Mr. Roberts a ministerial figure we should seek to emulate?  Or not?

Stephen R. Sizer

Hal Lindsey: The Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism   A critical analysis of the apocalyptic writings and teachings of Hal Lindsey.

Rev. Daniel Smith

The Destruction of Jerusalem A whole book!  A recap of Josephus' works focusing mainly on the fulfillment of prophecies.

Dale Tooley

New Jerusalem and the Household of God  Mr. Tooley looks as the spiritual nature of the New Jerusalem.

Gerry W. Webb

Date-Suggesting and Grant R. Jeffrey Gerry Webb looks at some of the failed prophecies of pop-eschatology writer Grant Jeffrey.  Why aren't the men making these failed predictions being called to account?

God's Judgment and the End of Israel as a Special Nation  Gerry examines to Scriptures to see if the modern nation of Israel plays a part in the unfolding of biblical prophecy.

The Implications of Dispensationalism  Gerry examines the Dispensationalism of Scofield and others, considering its implications for doctrine and daily living.

Hal West

Will the Real Ishmael Please Stand Up? Much of the modern church believe that the modern Arabs are the descendants of Ismael.  But what is the apostolic teaching on this subject?

Hal West Answers a Question about Ishmael   A reader asks a question of Hal about his article "Will the Real Ishmael Please Stand Up?"  This is Mr. West's brief answer.

Jon Zens

A Critique of Ray Comfort's "Hell's Best Kept Secret"  It has been passed down from the Reformers and Puritans that the prelude to the gospel is to preach the law of God.  But is this a valid biblical methodology?

A Look at Women in the History of Redemption  Has the modern church been ignoring half the priesthood?  Jon examines the Scripture on the subject of women in the New Covenant.

Are We Eating with the Right People?   Jon exhorts us to break out of our churchy shells and seek out those who may challenge our sense of propriety.

A Review Article of "Ten Commandments Twice Removed"  Jon reviews a book that exhorts us to return to following the Ten Commandments.

Building Up the Body: One Man or One Another? Is the body of Christ meant to grow spiritually by the ministry of one professional (or staff), or is ot to be built up by each member?

Burdened about Prophecy Fever  Jon expresses his thoughts on the current trend of "end times lottery" -- i.e., who's got the winning number on the day Jesus will come?  

The Clergy/Laity Distinction: A Help or Hindrance to the Body of Christ?  Is the body of Christ best served by a "professional" clergy leading and teaching the people?  Jon encourages us to think of a different paradigm.

Dialogue on "Is America Babylon?" Jon has an e-mail dialogue with David Dyer on the queston of whether America is the "Babylon" in the book of Revelation.

Each According to His Own Abilities  Subtitled "Principles of New Covenant Giving."  Jon examines the concept of giving and tithing under the New Covenant.

Essays on Hermeneutics  Hermeneutics is the science of rightly interpreting the Scriptures.  These articles are from the Winter 1984 issue of Searching Together.  Excellent and much needed exhortations for today!

Evangelism and the Grace of God  Evangelism is and imperative in the work of the kingdom.  What must we consider to carry out this stewardship in a balanced and biblical way?

Four Tragic Shifts in the Visible Church Jon examines church history and notes how certain practices crept in that drained the life and vitality out of the visible church.  

"God and Country" or Christ's Kingdom?  Jon and Cliff Bjork co-author an article sub-titled "The Dangers of Contemporary Christian Americanism."

"I Lay Down My Life for the Sheep"  Subtitled "Scriptural Perspectives on Christ's Atonement Omitted by Many Bible Teachers."  Jon examines the effectiveness of Christ's sacrifice.

Is There A "Covenant of Grace?" Respecting the covenants, are the only two options for the Christian dispensationalism and covenant theology?  Jon examines another option that answers the problems of these two popular systems.

Must the Law Be Preached Prior to the Gospel?  Subtitled, "A Brief Examination of Proof-texts for 'Law Preaching'.”  This is actually an addenda to Jon's critique of "Hell's Best Kept Secret."  

Our View of God Affects What We Do  What drives a church or ministry to do what it does?  The premise here is that it is theology that drives methodology. If the theology is bad, the methods will be corrupt.

Prophets or Profiteers? Subtitled: "A Challenge to Those Who Tarnish the Gospel With Their Doomsday Dogmatism -- How They Mislead the Saints and Often Get Rich in the Process"

"The Search for a Spiritual Home"  Jon reflects on an article by a woman's leaving and returning to the Roman Catholic church.  Is the rigid, traditional form of religion confined only to the Catholics?

"This Is My Beloved Son; Hear Him" Subtitled "A Study of the Development of Law in the History of Redemption."  Jon examines the question of the place of the Mosaic law in the life of the believer.

Today's Israel: Is God on Her Side?  While every Christian should want peace in the Middle East, is the modern evangelical's teaching that modern Isreal has a "divine right" to the land helpful?  Is it even biblical?

Were Women Silent at Pentecost? Originally entitled, "Women Weren't Silent on the Day of Pentecost; Why Should They Be Afterwards?"  One of Jon's stimulating "think about it" articles.

Where Does God Exalt the Office of "Preacher"?  Is there biblical warrant for setting one man or ministry above the rest?  Or has this practice been more detrimental to the body of Christ?