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Restoration Ministries is a local gathering of people in Grand Junction, Colorado, whose purpose in life is to know the person of Jesus Christ as He is portrayed in the Bible and to live His life in our day-to-day relationships and conduct.  While people from every tradition and background are welcome, know that every tradition and background must be left at the door and unity will be found in the person of Jesus alone.

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We now have a total of 119 articles and 61 links for your edification.

The Destruction of Jerusalem by Rev. Daniel Smith (1840)  A whole book!  A recap of Josephus' works focusing mainly on the fulfillment of prophecies.

A Review Article of "Ten Commandments Twice Removed" by Jon Zens  Jon reviews a book that exhorts us to return to following the Ten Commandments

Are We Eating with the Right People?  by Jon Zens  Jon exhorts us to break out of our churchy shells and seek out those who may challenge our sense of propriety.

A Churchless Faith by Alan Jamieson  The author interviews 108 people who had left the institutional church.  Here are the results of his findings and his own analysis.  This article is from "Reality Magazine."

Comments on "A Churchless Faith" by Jon Zens  Jon comments on an response to Alan Jamieson's article by Jonathan Ryan in CRUX magazine on the modern phenomenon of people leaving the institutional church.  

Forcing Fulfillment of Prophecies by Dwight Burgess  Dwight responds with some excellent insights to Timothy King's comments on "Questions About Israel."  To read more contributions to the discussion, go to The Kingdom Come.

Frank Viola's Blog -- Check out the musings of home church thinker Frank Viola.

Pagan Christianity -- Check out Frank Viola's and George Barna's new book Pagan Christianity.

The Rebuilders -- A site of Milt Rodriguez laboring to establish "organic" churches.

House Church Resource -- A site offering articles on non-traditional, "organic" churches.  Find one in your area!

JonZens.com -- A great source for rare, used and out-of-print books being sold from Jon's library.

Truth In Living -- Covenant Communiy Church in Montana; check out Tim Martin's messages on God's Garden.

In Plain Site -- An interesting site with a kindred desire to see the glory of Christ's body renewed.

Behind the Veil of Moses -- Site for Brian Martin's project and his excellent book on covenant living.